Training is an essential part of any project involving SAP, it�s not really an application that you can sit someone in front of and expect them to be able to work it out as they go along. The sheer scale and enormity of what is possible with SAP dictates that a lot of functionality and options have to be packed into each and every screen limiting the ability to make a truly intuitive experience.

At first this can seem like a negative thing and can actually put people off SAP from the start. But remember it is the scale and complexity that makes knowledge of SAP valuable to employers. The more you learn the more earn!!! Well it�s maybe not quite that simple but I often see employers doing everything they can to keep their existing processes and avoid learning SAP, which is generally created around good practice for the specific industry. It�s all good for us ABAPer�s as companies spend a lot of effort and money creating custom code to make SAP work like they want it too, rather than using the standard. You should see learning SAP as an opportunity to learn a new skill that is relevant to any company that runs SAP. Because if you change SAP to replicate your existing processes specific to your company these skills have limited value outside of that company. If you learn SAP standard processes, this knowledge is more valuable as it can be directly transferred to any other company that is also using SAP.

Also from an employer�s point of view don�t see training your employees properly in SAP as a threat that they will leave, maybe they will maybe they won�t but if they�re properly trained they may be happier and if they do leave at least you know the system will be setup and used correctly and you will be able to replace find someone with SAP knowledge and they will have a better chance of being able to hit the ground running.

Traning from SAP Your first port of call for training is going direct to SAP who offer a large range of courses in all areas. I would highly recommend these but are not the cheapest so are probably only a realistic option if you have a job in the given area and your company is wanting to send you on a course to learn a new area or update your skill to the latest technologies Training from SAP

ABAP/SAP Configuration Training CD's
An alternative option available especially for SAP configuration is to purchase training material on CD/DVD's, there are development CD's avaliable as well but I feel you would be better just using the internet to get this information. ABAP/SAP configuration training on CD/DVD

ABAP/SAP Training Books
SAP training books provide an excellent way of getting up to speed with your SAP knowledge at a relatively low cost ABAP/SAP Books