Popular SAP ABAP transaction codes

Below is a list of useful SAP transaction code and a description of what they are used for.

SE80 - Object Navigator
The Object Navigator Se80 is the main transaction used by any ABAP developer. Within it you have access to edit/create all the SAP objects available within your SAP system. For example you can create programs, t-codes, screens, function modules, classes, tables and much more. There are individual transactions available for many of these objects but is much easier to use SE80 and there are also objects such as ABAP web dynpro�s which are only available through SE80.

SE38 � ABAP programs/report
SE38 is the individual transaction where you view/create and edit ABAP reports and screen programs.

SE37 � Function modules
Used to create and maintain SAP ABAP function modules and groups.

SE11 � SAP database tables and dictionary objects
Used to create and maintain SAP dictionary objects such as tables, data types, domains, search helps, views, loc objects�From within the table view you can also gain access to the data browser similar to SE16.

MB51 & MB52 � MM transactions to view material documents
Display list of material documents

SE16 � Table data
Simply used to view data entries within a database table

SOST � Email processing within SAP
SOST displays a list of emails that have been sent or are going to be sent out of SAP.

VL06o - Delivery monitor

FBL5N � Display customer line items

SU01 � SAP user
Create and maintain SAP users including setting up password, assigning authorisation roles etc etc.

SU03 � Authorisation and profile maintenance
Display and maintain authorisation objects

MB5B � View stock
View stock material numbers

SM58 � Transactional RFC
Displays RFC activity and error log

AL11 � SAP directories
Display list of directories and files available on your SAP system. These are accessed via the open dataset ABAP command

More to come soon!!!!