Popular SAP database tables

Below is a list of useful SAP tables and a description of what they are used for.

EKKO � SAP Purchase Order documents
  EBELN � Purchase document number

EKPO - SAP Purchase Order document items
  EBELN � Purchase document number
  EBELP � Purchase item number

EBAN � Purchase requisition within SAP
  BANFN � Requisition number
  BNFPO � Requisition item number

LFA1 � Vendor master details
  LIFR � vendor number

MARA � Materials master data
  MATNR � Material number

MSEG � Material item details
  MBLNR - Number of Material Document
  MJAHR - Material Document Year
  ZEILE - Item in Material Document

MARC � material plant details
  MATNR - Material number
  WERKS - Plant number

MBEW � Material valuation
  MATNR - Material Number
  BWKEY - Valuation Area
  BWTAR - Valuation Type

KNA1 � Customer master data
  KUNNR � Customer number

KNVV � Customer sales data
  KUNNR - Customer Number
  VKORG - Sales Organization
  VTWEG - Distribution Channel
  SPART - Division

VBAK � Sales master data
  VBELN � Sales document number

VBAP � Sales item data
  VBELN - Sales document number
  POSNR -Sales document item

VBRK � Billing master data
  VBELN � Billing document number

VBRP - Billing item data
VBELN - Billing document number
POSNR -Billing document item

LIKP � SD deliver master data table
  VBLEN � Delivery number

LIPS � SD deliver item data
  VBLEN � Delivery number
  POSNR � Delivery item

BKPF � Accounting document master data
  BUKRS � Company code
  BELNR � Accounting document number
  GJAHR � Fiscal year

BSEG - Accounting document item data
  BUKRS � Company code
  BELNR � Accounting document number
  GJAHR � Fiscal year
  BUZEI � Accounting item

T001 � Company codes mater data table
  BUKRS � Company code

T001W - Plant and branches master table
  WERKS � Plant id
Note:Not keyed on company code (BURKS) so each plant/branch can be associated to any company code.

T000 � Client master table
  MANDT � Client code

ADRC - SAP Addresses master data
  ADDRNUMBER � Address number

PA0001 � HR 0001 infotype table (Org. Assignment)
  PERNR - Personnel number
  SUBTY - Subtype
  OBJPS - Object Identification
  SPRPS - Lock Indicator for HR Master Data Record
  ENDDA - End Date
  BEGDA - Start Date
  SEQNR - Number of Infotype Record with Same Key

AUFK � Order master data
  AUFNR � order number